miércoles, 8 de abril de 2015

Dentro y Fuera XVIII

We’re launching a new little box, the eighteenth collaboration for our project Dentro y Fuera designed by Lolo y Sosaku that also has its own sonorous sculpture, its unique instrument and distinct symbol of the artists. Lolo y Sosaku are a duo of experimenters who started their solo careers  in a variety of  fields from painting, street art and sculpture to video. 

Their universe has been created with the use of natural forces such  as pendulums and electricity to develop sonorous sculptures based on  the geometry of simple lines and functional skeletons that maintain a powerful but basic structure. 

Lolo y Sosaku work with wood, chord, engines and pendulums to create these little robots with subtle sounds that have moves and behaviors that drive you to a fantastical world. For the design of the little box, they've used basic lines and technical drawings that describe the sonorous sculpture and its movements with a delicate and rudimentary personality.   

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